White’s Auto Fisher (12 pack)


Will Increase Your Catches!

  • Carbon Steel Spring with Wire Trigger
  • Each retail package has 12 reels with an instruction book

The Original! Since 1949, people around the world have been using the White’s Auto-Fisher to catch more fish. Use it on tree limbs, docks, sticks, boats, jugs and more. The Auto-Fisher will catch every type of fresh water and salt water fish including catfish, bass, trout, perch and much more. The secret to it’s success is it sets the hook and holds a tight line to the fish, just like fishing with a pole. Proudly made in the USA, this reel features a galvanized steel body with a tempered carbon steel spring, and approximately 8-10 feet of 60 pound nylon line.


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  • Carbon Steel Spring with Wire Trigger
  • Each retail package contains: 

12 Reels
12 Pieces of 24″ (+/-) long nylon braided line for attaching to tree, jug, etc.
Printed instruction guide

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Weight 32 oz


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