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Frequently Asked Questions

As a service, we have provided this FAQ section for your reference. If your question is not listed here, we’d be glad to talk to you, call us at (417)751-2034 or email us at sales@yoyoreel.com.

As a service, we have provided this FAQ section for your reference. If your question is not listed here, we’d be glad to talk to you, call us at (417)751-2034 or email us at sales@yoyoreel.com.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Where to buy

For retail customers, you can get them at many outlets, fishing superstores and more. For distributors and resellers give us a call.

I just need one reel; can I buy it from you?

We currently only sell to distributors and resellers, unless you want to buy a bunch.

I want to be a distributor, what do I do?

Call us at (417)751-2034 or email us at sales@yoyoreel.com.

I’d like to order 1,000 dozen reels, and want them in specialty packing. Can I do this?

Call us and we can discuss what is available.

Can I order the reels packed in quantities of 3 or 6?

If you only need a handful, we have several resellers who are offering 3 and 6 packs. Our standard packaging is reels packaged in 12-packs and individual sale packages. We could do different packaging for larger quantities, call us to discuss.

I want to buy straight from the manufacturer, what’s the minimum number of reels that I can order from you guys?

If you buy the Mechanical Fisher GB-12 or GB-12F, Whites Auto-Fisher AF-125: minimum order is one carton. One carton contains a total of 288 reels, which is 24 one-dozen retail packages.

If you buy the Mechanical Fisher GC-01 or GC-01F minimum order is one carton. One carton contains a total of 144 single-packed retail packages.

What’s in the box?

The retail package contains either one or twelve reels, and a “top line” for each reel so you can attach it to a tree, jug, etc.

General Questions

General Questions

Are these made in America

Hell yes. They are NOT made in China, Taiwan or anywhere other than Ash Grove, MO. They used to be made in Diamond City, AR – see our history page for more info on that. If you have one that says made in China, it is not an authentic White’s Auto-Fisher or Mechanical Fisher.

Your product seems cool, will you come fishing with me?

If you have beer and snacks give us a call.

Where can I watch more videos on how to use the product?

YouTube has a ton of videos showing the greatness of the Yo-Yo Reel.

How much line is on a Yo-Yo reel?

About 10-12 feet of useable line, plus some extra.

What kind of line do you use?

60lb test white nylon line

Are they made overseas?

No, here’s our address: 101 North Tower Ash Grove, MO 65604. Look us up.

Someone said that it was aluminum, is that correct?

The body is galvanized steel, the spring on the White’s Auto-Fisher is carbon steel. The Mechanical Fisher uses a stainless steel spring. The line is nylon.

Usage Questions

Usage Questions

Do you know the fishing regulations for my state?

No, check out your area’s conservation or game and fish website to for your local rules.

Are these legal in my state?

Check local fishing regulations.

My Cousin said that these are not legal but the state hunting & fishing agent I spoke with said they are legal. Who should I believe?

Check local fishing regulations, you are probably safer to believe your state agent.

Can I use these for ice fishing?

Oh yeah!

Why would I need to carry these in my survival bag?

You’ll be able to catch fish if all your food is taken, you can snare small game with it, use it as a clothesline, plus you have a lot of high strength fishing line useful for repairs, emergency shoelaces, and more.

I plan on going hiking, why would I need this?

It’s a great emergency tool for food and it is light, compact and might save your life.

Can I use these to make a snare?

Yup, check out Sigma 3 Survival School’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD77ONUKcZU

Can I use these in salt water?

Yes, but these would need to be washed thoroughly after each use. See our care and maintenance instructions.

Can I use these for duck hunting?

Yes, they work great for setting decoys.

What kind of fish can I catch?

You’d be surprised what you can catch with a worm and a hook. Yo-Yo Reels work for all types of fish.

Would you like me to send you a picture of this GIANT fish I just caught?

Of course! You can send it to us at sales@yoyoreel.com or tag us on Facebook/Instagram using hashtag #yoyoreel #mechanicalfisher or #whitesautofisher

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

How do I care for them?

We recommend rinsing them with fresh water, let them dry and then apply a water displacement type of lubricant (WD-40 or similar). Many people have success with lubricants designed for firearms as well.

Can I change the line in my reel?

It can be done but we don’t recommend it because you can easily damage the spring. If you are worried the fish will see the line, we suggest adding a leader of monofilament or whatever you prefer to the end.

I have damaged/lost/gave away some of my reels. What do I do?

We suggest buying more. Three or Four cases just to make sure you have enough.